Moby baby Carrier overview

MOBY aptly named after “Mother & baby”–is one of the international leaders in baby carrier design. MOBY has been in business since 2003, when it introduced its now famous classic MOBY baby carrier wrap. MOBY offers a range of unique, well designed baby carriers that provide comfort, safety and even style to parents and infants going about their everyday lives. MOBY’s carriers are designed to encourage parents to bond with their children while being, as their motto says, “Close Enough to Kiss.”

About Moby Baby Carrier

Since their introduction in 2003, MOBY has become one of the leaders in innovation for baby carriers and wraps. Today, MOBY is an internationally recognized brand that has even been used by celebrities. The wraps offered by MOBY are designed to combine style with comfort, security and style in a number of situations; whether parents need to wear wraps while getting work done around the house, want to hold their child close as they go about errands, or simply want a bonding moment with their bundle of joy. MOBY routinely develops new products that use new fabrics, more options for carrying and style, and even new product categories outside of wraps.


MOBY offers a wide range of baby carriers for parents that will suit any need, preference or lifestyle. The following are their most popular and well known baby carrier products.

  • MOBY Wrap Evolution: This wrap is ideal for newborns thanks to its close cuddle design. The MOBY Wrap Evolution distributes the weight of your baby across your back and hips, which makes for a comfortable carry for both you and your baby. The MOBY baby Wrap Evolution is notable for “evolving” as your child rows; it can grow with our child until they reach 33 lbs. As they age, you will be able to change carrying positions to allow for different postures. The MOBY Wrap Evolution is made with a soft, blended fabric that is both comfortable and breathable. The retail price for the MOBY Wrap Evolution is $54.94.
  • MOBY Fit: The MOBY Fit is a hybrid which combines the security and comfort of a baby carrier with the closeness and bonding of a traditional baby wrap. The MOBY Fit creates a snug, close fit that both baby and parents will love. This particular hybrid wrap features adjustable rings for a perfect, snug fit. The wrap is made from breathable material for maximum comfort. The retail price for the MOBY Fit is $99.95.
  • MOBY Ring Sling: The MOBY Ring Sling is a comfortable, simple wrap that will bring your baby closer to you while keeping them secure and snug as you walk around hands-free. The retail price of the MOBY Ring Sling is $89.95.
  • MOBY 2-in-1 Carrier: The MOBY 2-in-1 carrier is designed to combine the sturdy support of a baby carrier with the simplicity of a hip seat. This unique 2-in-1 carrier includes a hip seat for maximum comfort and stability.  The retail price of the MOBY 2-in-1 Carrier is $179.95
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